It’s not all about the web…….

Despite the internet being the main port of call for information on products within architectural practices, hard copy literature remains an important tool – with favoured literature being retained. 

Recent research by Lychgate shows that 71% of private architectural practices still maintain a central library of manufacturers’ catalogues and information.  In addition, half keep some literature by their desks which they refer to on a regular basis – the main ones quoted being tools which help them undertake regular tasks.

While the internet is undoubtedly the main port of call for product data, this interesting research does suggest that hard copy should not be discounted – but how it can be best designed to be used by Architects needs careful consideration, depending on the product type – whether it has an aesthetic appeal or lends itself to a reference tool for technical data for example.   Research can help by identifying how Specifiers want to use your data, and the requirements they have at different stages of the process.

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