Architects’ & housebuilders’ omnibus survey

Lychgate undertakes a regular survey with Architects and Housebuilders every year, known in research terms as an ‘omnibus’.
Conducted by telephone, companies can add questions to the questionnaire, priced on a per question basis. Results of individual questions are for the eyes of the participating company only. The Architects’ and Housebuilders’ Omnibus Survey is a very cost effective way of gaining feedback without the cost of a full research programme. We also offer the option of adding Architects’ design teams in Top 100 Housebuilding companies.
Clients add questions for many reasons including to benchmark brand awareness, establish Architects’ current views on topics and identify trends.

2017 Lychgate Architects’ & Housebuilders’ Omnibus survey programme

Prices exc. VAT

  Architects (+ option of Housebuilders)
Number of interviews: 150 Architects in private practice (+ option of 30 Architects in Housebuilders)
Results analysed by: Size of practice (3 size bands),+ Housebuilders if purchased
Price for closed question: (tick box)

£650 for 150 private Architects

£750 for 150 private Architects + 30 Housebuilders

Price for open question: (summarised and examples given)

£750 for 150 private Architects

£850 for 150 private Architects + 30 Housebuilders

Your questions to us by: 17th March 2017
Discuss and agree your questions by: 24th March 2017
Your individual report will be available by: 19th May 2017
5% discount available for the purchase of 3 or more questions

As well as the Omnibus survey a large part of what we do is tailored research to suit individual needs. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Contact our friendly team on 0118 988 7343.